We Did It! (Sorta)

Automatic Facebook posting and integration to Twitter is now LIVE!  Fuck yeah!  Now every post put on the Dropping Loads Podcast site will automatically report to our Facebook fan page [https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dropping-Loads/286306631479302] and our Twitter account @Droploads

We’ll see if we can get this hog piece to work with G+ without using any fucking Java cause these damn WordPress.com hosted blogs can barely do shit.

In other news:

If you haven’t noticed, we’ve been having some different kind of posts appear on the front page linking to the DKP category.  This is a new segment we have initialized and Dan’s Korean Portal is now LIVE!   Every week Dan, our local source of intellectual logic, will post his dosage of Korean girl bands/Music for your entertainment and acknowledgement.  Check out the two videos already of the crews current favorite, Girl’s Generation!

DKP:  Girl’s Generation – The Boys (HD)

DKP:  Girl’s Generation – Gee (HD)


Also check out his Korean inspired banner:



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