Dropping Loads: State of the Union

Major UI Overhaul

As anybody could tell, we’ve undergone a bit of a face lift.  The original icons (along with the current background, pending attachment) were just placeholders for more permanent design elements to be developed and deployed.

If you noticed our new brand logo (pictured below)

You’ll notice how it is more distinguishable than just our old ‘splatter’ text.  This is to help establish a brand to make the Podcast more recognizable (especially when moving to the iTunes/RSS environment for broadcasting).
Also, if anybody noticed, we have given the social media icons on the right hand sidebar a more sleek, readable and more compact make over.  This way they take up less space, you can tell what each one is just by looking at the icon (if you’re fucking retarded or don’t understand the English language) and just plain old look better.
Well, that’s it for now.  Fuck off.

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