Dropping Loads Ep 1b: e-Dating part II

Total runtime:  58m 31s

Part 2 (or 1b) of our first episode continues the conversation of the struggles of internet dating and getting into a relationship after years of being out of the single life.  Dan and Shooter explore this while Tyler was out of action with technical difficulties.

Some of the topics covered in this episode are:

  • Turning girls queer
  • Brutality of the digital dating scene
  • Transitioning from digital to real life meetings/knowing where you stand
  • Misleading photos “The base of the neck”
  • “Big Mamma”
  • “Appliances”

Also as mentioned at the end of the episode, anybody that stumbles upon the episode and submits a video of them and their grandmother (authority figure equivalent) watching the Dongcopter Pirate music video in the comments will received a FREE Dropping Loads podcast hat!  And if you need proof, suck it:

Want it?  Watch the fucking link with your grandmother, parent or somebody who would be ashamed of you! And then prove it!

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