State of the Union #2

Well..shit.It’s been a good 10 days since out last update/episode because on of our hosts (Shooter) has been without power for the last 10 days as a result of Superstorm Sandy.  While this has put a cog in our even growing and evolving show; out of respect we are awaiting him to produce more episodes.  But we think of this as a blessing in disguise; not only will Shooter come back pretty damn pissed off, it gives Dan and I efficient time to annoy the hell out of people with a shameless advertising campaign.  We’ve seen record hits over the last week due to advertising and setting up links on Reddit and Stumbleupon (Though half those Reddit fags just down vote without visiting the link).  It is not a marketing campaign we like and we both believe it might be too early to start showing our material (as we are still working out kinks in the show dynamic) but more so this was a feeler for the Podcast market.

As per some reviews we’ve got back, other than being a bunch of frat boys saying the same old stuff, we’ve decided to reformat a bit.  Instead of a rambling discussion based off a top, we’ve decided to go with 20 min episodes on topics where we get straight to the point.  We’ll do a few episodes like this and see how they turn out (it’ll make fucking editing the damn things a lot easier as well).

If anybody (which most likely nobody, since we don’t get shit for traffic at the moment) might have noticed, we’ve added another section to the page called #DAFUQ.  It’s pretty much a place where we share fucked up things or just outright retarded/hilarious (to us) shit we find on the net/social media.  But, it does bring up another thought in my head and maybe I am trying to over saturate this site a bit too much.

I dunno, still too early in the life of the podcast and site to come to too many conclusions.  But anyways, like always, kiss our asses and sit tight.

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